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Fees & Expenses

Tuition fee increases are announced in December of each year, for the Classes that will graduate the following year.

Current tuition fees for the graduating classes of 2015 are €62,500

Tuition fees cover all printed course materials, access to the INSEAD library, access to on-campus information technology services, language tuition and testing*, student council fees, gym access, business cards, printing.

*applicable to certain languages only, please check our language policy.



Related Expenditures

 Other Fees: 800 (includes mandatory health insurance and administrative fees)
 Business foundations programme (optional): €1,750


Fee Payment Schedule

1st Instalment: If offered a place on the INSEAD MBA programme, you will be given a deadline by which you should secure your seat. This would require the down payment of a non-refundable first instalment of the programme fees totaling €7,000. This instalment is due approximately four weeks after having received the admissions offer.
2nd Instalment: Approximately one month before the programme starts, you will be required to pay a non-refundable second tuition instalment equivalent to about 60% of total tuition together with other fees: €37,500 and €800.
3rd Instalment: Due approximately four months after the programme starts, the final instalment amounts to €18,000.


Estimated living expenses during the MBA programme

Rent and other living expenses vary considerably depending on the participant’s family situation, lifestyle choices and financial means. A survey of INSEAD students shows that a single participant can expect to incur the following basic expenses during the ten-month programme. If you are coming with a partner, budget an increase of approximately 25%.

  Singapore   Fontainebleau
(includes utilities and charges)
€11,200   €9,800
Meals €5,500   €5,400
Local Transport €700*
Telephone €600
(i.e. relocation & settling in expenses, excludes leisure)
€1,500   €1,500
€800   €900
Travel for exchange
and job search
€2,000   €2,000

Total Average Expenses

€22,300   €23,600

*In Singapore, most MBA participants use public transport.
**Participants staying in the surrounding area of Fontainebleau may buy or lease a car (leasing costs approx €4,500 per year). Participants living in Fontainebleau itself use bicycles, buses, etc.

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