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The INSEAD alumni network is robust, diverse and globally connected to an extent few institutions can boast. With more than 64,271 Alumni distributed across 180 countries with 168 nationalities, our Alumni are citizens of the world, understanding how to balance local and global perspectives, and have “experienced the world as it ought to be” as one graduate claimed. This aspect of the INSEAD culture is very powerful and valuable in the 21st Century. In this smaller, connected world, it is critical that leaders view the world as a whole, and think and act both locally and globally. This has been part of the INSEAD culture for over 60 years.

At INSEAD, "diversity is not a synthesis. It's a genuine, continuous and spontaneous series of encounters." We hope you will enjoy your encounters with our alumni community in the following pages.

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The INSEAD Alumni Association (IAA) was founded by alumni in 1961 and represents all INSEAD alumni. The IAA is an umbrella organisation, coordinating the National Alumni Associations (NAAs) and Clubs, providing the driving force that keeps INSEAD’s diverse body of alumni connected and sustained with growth opportunities – through networking, career development and lifelong learning services.

Currently there are 49 National Alumni Associations (NAA) representing 52 countries across the world. The purpose of the NAAs is to support its members throughout the world with a comprehensive and wide range of professional and social activities to nourish the network and to promote INSEAD.

2020 marks the 60th anniversary of the IAA. Over the past 60 years, the IAA has played a pivotal role in keeping INSEAD’s alumni community energised and engaged with a focus on adding value for members and strengthening the ties between the school and the IAF.

We are pleased to share with you a video that commemorates the achievements of the IAA.

Read the History of the IAA and how it has evolved over the last 60 years here.






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