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Background to the partnership

The implementation of Microsoft’s new “Mobile First, Cloud First” strategy required its global sales teams to sell in an entirely different way to an entirely different corporate customer. The team found itself negotiating, on the basis of complex business arguments, with senior executives – as opposed to talking technology with IT managers. It was a whole new sales challenge.

As a result Microsoft collaborated with INSEAD and Intrepid Learning (a learning technology specialist) to custom‑design some robust online Executive Education on a global scale, with an intensive and highly specific business curriculum. Based on the techniques and technologies of Massive Open Online Courses, but tailored to Microsoft’s exact needs, this programme has achieved phenomenal results.

Exceeding expectations at every stage


Global reach

5,000+ sales executives 

Pass rate

85% pass rate exceeded expectations at Microsoft and INSEAD



95% said the course will improve how they perform their job


Satisfaction rate

99% overall satisfaction rate

Completion rate

80% completion rate amongst participants

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The Microsoft-INSEAD Customised Online Programme Case Study won the following awards in 2016:

  • GOLD in the category of Professional Development, EFMD Excellence in Practice Awards
  • GOLD in the category of Best Programme for Sales Training and Performance, Brandon Hall Excellence Awards Programme


Read the case study






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