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Value creation in a digital world

Leading Digital Marketing Strategy is a five-day programme through which participants learn how companies can tackle digital transformation and drive innovative marketing strategy through customer-centricity. Interactive sessions-including award-winning case studies, group exercises and practical workshops-explore the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation and aim to help managers from across functions make better business decisions for future growth.

Although the impact of digitisation is not new, the digital economy is entering a new age that presents unprecedented challenges – but also many opportunities for executives. Digital tools and trends are invading the business environment, provoking significant changes in the way we communicate, consume, work, buy and sell. In many cases these trends profoundly disrupt industries and change the way companies do business.

Leading Digital Marketing Strategy will help you rethink the customer journey to build positive and relevant experiences across all channels and touchpoints – and ultimately to create both value and competitive advantages for your company. At the end of the programme you will also better understand the key enablers that are needed to transform your company into an agile, customer-centric, and digital organisation.

How you benefit

  • Understand current trends. Recognise digital megatrends and best practices – and the disruptive impact they will have on your business
  • Harness the power of digitalisation. Enhance operations through digitisation to foster brand-creation or brand-building in the digital world
  • ​Create a successful content strategy. Develop a digital, content-driven strategy that enables stronger engagement with customers and creates outstanding customer experiences
  • Navigate customer needs. Understand the new rules of competition as well as today’s customers and their evolving needs and expectations
  • ​Measure success. Learn how to leverage data and how to measure the success of digital marketing in terms of brand awareness, association, engagement and ROI
  • ​Leverage key enablers. Understand key enablers that allow for a transformation towards an agile customer-centric & digital organisation, including AI and machine learning. 
  • ​Drive change in the organisation. Gain a view and appreciation of the design of a digital marketing organisation including the roles, structures, and movements required to drive effective change. 

Participant profile

Designed for executives and senior managers from all business areas who wish to develop a strategic understanding of digital marketing and how to develop a roadmap for digital business transformation in their organisations.

Executives aiming to lead digital initiatives in their company or industry and those seeking to develop new sustainable business models in a digital world will also benefit.

Executives and senior managers who want to learn about sustainable marketing strategies for ‘generations Y and Z’.

This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

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