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Please note that Negotiation Dynamics is delivered in Fontainebleau, Paris, Singapore and Abu Dhabi. Additional dates will be announced in due course, when confirmed by the teaching faculty.

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Develop your negotiation skills

We are all experienced negotiators. We face challenging and complex problems of persuasion and influence on a daily basis. We buy and sell. We manage workers and work for managers. We deal with friends, family, colleagues, merchants, organisations and institutions all the time. Yet building agreement among people who often do not share the same interests, perceptions and values is challenging and sometimes elusive. What are some of the reasons for falling short of success – and how can we address them?

The Negotiation Dynamics programme examines stumbling blocks that cause negotiation to fail and what can be done about them. At the same time, it teaches you how to become a better, more effective negotiator, able to build sustainable, relationship-enhancing deals.

In three intensive days, in a challenging, action-orientated international environment, you will develop your personal negotiation style, learning new skills and strategies and, above all, getting the practice you need to be confident and effective.

How you benefit

  • Improve your negotiation outcomes. Increase your efficiency, build better relationships with fewer conflicts, drive more engagement and gain more confidence
  • Learn best practices and processes. Be equipped with the necessary knowledge to navigate any negotiation, from preparing and debriefing a negotiation, to situational awareness that will allow you to understand the best negotiation moves to take at any given moment, understanding what happened to predicting what is likely to happen next
  • Practice, practice, practice. Acquire hands-on practice enabling you to strengthen weak points and preparing you to return to work
  • Maximise value and minimise risk in your negotiations. Develop a sustainable and situational approach for maximising value and minimising risk and resistance in your negotiation
  • Develop a new mindset. Acquire new tools, change your behaviour and develop a new mindset
  • Follow-up learning. Post-programme 1-on-1 coaching sessions that encourage a continuous, lifelong learning journey that will help you influence thoughts, feelings, perceptions and behaviours
When you enrol for this programme you will receive complimentary access to the Negotiation Fundamentals on-demand online programme. 

The faculty strongly believes that it is vital for you to complete the Negotiation Fundamentals prior to attending Negotiation Dynamics as it ensures a solid foundation in the subject. For you to not lose out on any learning points in Negotiation Dynamics, the fundamentals programme is useful in equipping you with the essentials of negotiations, even for the most experienced negotiators. 

On average, it takes 6 - 8 hours to complete the programme content and associated tasks. In addition, you are required to complete the Negotiation Fundamentals Programme should you wish to further pursue the Advanced Certificate in Negotiations.

Participant profile

Negotiation Dynamics delivers great strategic and operational leverage to any executive who needs to interact with others to get results.

Participants include executives with many different roles, including:

  • Board members
  • C-Suite
  • Executives involved in mergers, acquisitions or joint-venture negotiations
  • Project Managers
  • Human resources managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sales and procurement managers
  • Audit and compliance managers
  • Key-account managers
  • ​Barristers and lawyers.


This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

INSEAD Advanced Certificate in Negotiation




Build the foundations to become an expert negotiator


Become a more effective negotiator


Gain expertise in specific negotiation scenarios


Become certified by INSEAD

Note: participants who register for the Negotiation Dynamics programme will receive complementary access to the Negotiation Fundamentals programme 

Why are we different?


Rather than just focus on giving advice on how to better negotiate, Negotiation Dynamics helps you learn negotiation from a strategic perspective. This allows you to maximise rewards and minimise risk in short and long-term relationships, internal and external negotiations, friendly and adversarial contexts, etc.

Blending best practice examples with this strategic focus enables you to understand, think and come up with your own solutions. This leads to a much more sustainable and high impact way of learning to better negotiate.



On-demand Webinar
Discover the Art & Science of Negotiation with INSEAD


What are the attributes of a good negotiator? The ability to create value, innovate, build strong and meaningful relationships, have a sense of purpose, and enjoy the process along the way. While the art of negotiation is neither obvious nor easy, it can be taught.

Negotiation is a foundational skill that permeates several aspects of our lives, and yet most negotiators overly rely on experience, intuition, or a hand-full of tricks. Scientifically, negotiation has blossomed as a field in the last 40yrs. From beginners to experts, every negotiator has blind spots and shortcomings, and everyone can become a better negotiator with the right amount and proper training.

Moderated by Laura Smith, Product Marketing Manager, and Programme Directors Horacio Falcao and Roderick Swaab, register for this one hour webinar during which they will discuss the art of negotiation and delve into the New INSEAD Certificates in Negotiation – the pathways to becoming an expert negotiator!

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