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Sustainability as a business opportunity 

The conversation on sustainability has changed. Today’s leading organisations no longer see sustainability as a reporting or compliance issue, but as a critical business imperative in our interconnected world. More than ever before, your long-term prosperity and success hinge on integrating sustainability into your strategic planning and decision-making, and determining the synergies between financial performance and your impact on society, the economy and our environment.

But in an increasingly complex and uncertain world, how do you set a meaningful agenda for sustainability for your organisation and broader eco-system?

The INSEAD Business Sustainability Programme empowers you with the understanding, knowledge and tools to build and implement an effective sustainability strategy for you and your business. This intensive 5-day on-campus programme exposes you to the critical challenges in creating sustainable business models, and challenges you to pinpoint the strategic opportunities ahead. You will explore emerging frameworks, best practices and a diversity of perspectives and approaches for implementation. Furthermore, you will dig into the financial and accounting dimensions – the investing, measuring and reporting mechanisms you will need to convey strategic goals and results to your key stakeholders.

The programme will also bring you close to thought leaders and experts – leaders who will share insights and hands-on experience in designing, executing and measuring real-world sustainability strategies in their own organisations.

How you benefit

The INSEAD Business Sustainability Programme empowers you to:

  • ​Understand the key forces making sustainability a business priority today.
  • Acquire essential frameworks, models and tools to make informed decisions about how to pursue sustainability as a foundation for your competitive strategy and advantage.
  • Identify and navigate the unique challenges in executing sustainable business models, including circular models.
  • Cherry pick best practices deployed by leaders with a proven sustainability track record.
  • Deploy the skills to effectively measure, assess, report and communicate on corporate sustainability in your organisation.

Participant profile

The INSEAD Business Sustainability Programme is designed for senior executives and decision-makers: CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Vice Presidents and Heads of Department who need to understand the business case for sustainability and how to implement new strategies across their organisations.

The programme is also well suited to board members who need a thorough understanding of the business case for sustainability, as well as what is required at an operational level within organisations.



This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

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