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Virtual Executive Coaching for Organisations

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Leverage the Power of Virtual Coaching & Cascade the Results through your Organisation

While the global business landscape continues to adapt to unprecedented challenges, INSEAD - with its experience of providing impactful individual coaching for over two decades - has equally adapted to support organisations with their coaching needs.

True to our DNA of being close to business, we have developed a customised solution for organisations with an acute need to support their leaders in these extraordinary times by developing individual, on-demand virtual coaching.

For groups of 10+ leaders and offered at group rates, our customised solution is tailored to your organisation's needs and provides your leaders with quick and impactful access to INSEAD's top, experienced coaches.

And true to INSEAD's diversity, our network of global executive coaches has held top management positions worldwide including C-suite and Board level. They are trained and certified from recognised coaching accreditation institutions with a minimum 8 years' of global coaching experience.

Please click here for individual bookings for 1-9 executives.

* Fee subject to change. VAT / GST shall apply at prevailing rates according to prevailing laws and regulations. 

Group Booking Rates

Groups of
1-9 Executives (based on individual enrolments)
10 - 50 Executives
50+ Executives
Description of package
One 4-hour package per executive

One 4-hour package per executive

One 4-hour package per executive

Optional 360º leadership development survey (invoiced separately)
€340 per individual feedback report

€340 per individual feedback report

€340 per individual feedback report

Group rates
Click on the link to register *

€2,000 per package

€1,600 per package

€1,500 per package

Please take a moment to read through INSEAD Virtual Executive Coaching Terms and Conditions.

For terms and conditions in French please reach out to the advisor.

A Four-Step Group Booking Process

One-to-one coaching sessions provide a personal and safe space to address everyday leadership challenges whilst simultaneously preparing your executives to become stronger and more confident leaders, ready to respond to the uncertainties that lay ahead.

  • Step 1
    Shortly after booking, our team will be in touch with you to diagnose the requirements of your leaders
  • Step 2
    Once objectives are defined, we collaborate with you to carefully hand-pick a pool of global coaches for your executives to tap into via a process dedicated to your organisation
  • Step 3
    Your executives register through the Virtual Executive Coaching portal and start scheduling their one-to-one sessions
  • Step 4
    We schedule regular touchpoints to update you on the progress of your executives’ individual coaching sessions

Who is Virtual Executive Coaching for?


Individual coaching benefits every professional who wants to explore their potential and interference by evoking awareness, enabling them to achieve their goal. 



Team Leaders


Business Executives




Directors at all levels; Board, C-suite

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Our Approach to Individual Executive Coaching



Creates space for a deeper level of learning about the self by exploring filters and sensitive dilemmas


 A process entirely devoted to you - your issues and the attainment of sustained behavioural change


Active engagement in the learning process allows leaders to implement a new practice


Reinforces commitment from the leader to take action and for on-going development

Exceptional Leadership Development Coaches


In a time of chaos and fast-paced reactivity, organisations need reflective leaders who can act swiftly and decisively when the situation calls.

For many years, INSEAD Executive Coaching has been developing reflective leaders who create results-driven, adaptive and innovative organisations by putting people first.

INSEAD is well known for the quality and diversity of its coaches, all carefully selected for their expertise in individual coaching.






Average years of coaching experience



Speak at least two languages



Have lived and worked abroad



Have experience at C-suite or Board level



Are women



If you have any questions related to INSEAD Virtual Executive Coaching, we are here to help you.


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