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MBA Programme




Integrating sustainability into core business areas.

The new MBA curriculum meets the increasing demand for sustainability-focused leaders in the job market. It equips future business leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to manage sustainability risks and opportunities in business, enabling them to make better decisions and integrate performance and progress. It also inspires them to champion creative sustainable solution that address global challenges.

Our accelerated 10-month MBA comprises five periods, each lasting eight weeks and concluding with an exam, essay and/or project. The first part of the programme is built around 14 core courses, which provide you with a robust foundation of key management disciplines. In the second part, you will be able to choose from over 75 different electives in a variety of subjects.









Each Period


Core Courses





Curriculum Overview


Learning Methodology



Diverse study groups

You will initially join a study group of five to six students, selected to maximise diversity in terms of age, gender, nationality, experience, previous education and professional background. During most of the core courses and the PLDP, your group will become the focal point for your work as you complete assignments and solve problems together.

Lively classroom exchange

In the classroom, INSEAD professors aim to bring out the best in each of you, so that you learn from each other’s experiences as well as from their own cutting-edge research. Their objective is to examine different perspectives in order to orchestrate a multi-faceted debate and challenge everyone’s assumptions.

Multiple teaching methods

There is no single preferred teaching method at INSEAD. Our faculty is free to choose the method they believe fits best with the content of the session. You will, therefore, experience a wide variety of teaching styles and techniques, including case studies, computer simulations, role-plays, project work and study tours. What matters to INSEAD is not the method chosen but the result: the effectiveness of your learning experience.

Campus Exchange


Learning to lead across different cultures and geographies is critical to success in this global world. Our campuses in France and Singapore, as well as our partnerships with Wharton and Kellogg in the US and CEIBS in China, offer you as many opportunities to broaden your horizons.

Our Partnerships




INSEAD and The Johns Hopkins University Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) offer students the possibility to complete a dual MBA/MAIR degree programme in a condensed period of time by spending one and a half years at SAIS and one year at INSEAD.

The dual-degree programme allows students from both schools to work toward completing the SAIS Master of Arts in International Relations (MAIR) and INSEAD MBA simultaneously with the aim of preparing students for careers that combine international affairs and business administration.

Applicants interested in the dual-degree must apply to each school separately and have to meet the admissions requirements for each school. Current students at INSEAD and SAIS are also eligible to apply. For further information please visit the SAIS website or contact 



Starting in 2014, INSEAD and Teacher’s College, Columbia University, are partnering to create a dual degree for students interested in pursuing a high-level management career in K-12 independent and international schools around the world. The dual degree will provide graduates with a Master of Arts (MA) in Education Leadership from Teacher’s College and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from INSEAD. The accelerated curriculum will allow graduates to earn the dual MA/MBA degree in just two years.

The programme aims to train social entrepreneurs in education to combine the passion of a social mission with business-like discipline and determination.

Applicants interested in the dual-degree must apply to each school separately and have to meet the admissions requirements for each school. For further information please read the FAQs.



Discover the MBA Programme


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Final course grades for most classes will be determined by a mix of class participation, projects and exams. For core courses, INSEAD grades on a Standard Normal Curve, also called a Z-Curve, with a mean of 3.0. There are no forced fails. To graduate, participants must maintain a mean grade of 2.1 in core courses and electives.

No. INSEAD adheres to a strict non-disclosure policy. Your grades will never be shared with recruiters, classmates, or anyone outside of the INSEAD community. During on-campus interviews, recruiters are not permitted to ask about your grades, and you are not permitted to volunteer them. This policy allows you the freedom to challenge yourself and enhance the breadth of your knowledge by taking electives in unfamiliar subject areas without worrying that your grades will influence your job prospects

The INSEAD MBA curriculum is designed to quickly and thoroughly prepare you for a career in international business. Taking on the challenge of our accelerated programme, you will see a considerably faster and greater return on your MBA investment. Our recruiters tell us that the one-year format helps students to manage their time efficiently and effectively. Setting priorities and making choices about learning, socialising and personal time from the very beginning of the programme, you will become an expert at decision making which is one of the most valued qualities in a business leader.

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