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MBA Programme




Be part of INSEAD's unique, dynamic and diverse student body

Our MBA programme is your stepping stone to a fulfilling future as a leader in the competitive, global business world. We know that our multi-cultural environment, comprising of students representing over 90 nationalities and an international faculty of world-class business experts, is an ideal hotbed for your professional and personal development.


Video: INSEAD MBA Application Tips

INSEAD has four equally important application criteria that guide us in our selection of an unique, dynamic and diverse student body. Gain insights into these criteria and how you can strengthen your MBA eligibility from Virginie Fougea, Global Director, MBA Recruitment and Admissions.

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Are You GMAT & GRE Ready?


Thinking of applying to the programme? A strong GMAT or GRE score helps us assess your ability to succeed in the programme.

Like many other adaptive tests, both tests require rigorous preparation in the weeks leading up to the exam date. With the right approach and proper planning, however, acing them is well within reach.

Practice the tests on our online simulators to assess your level and see GMAT & GRE preparation tips from top scorers at INSEAD.

GMAT & GRE Practice Tests

Admissions Criteria


Ability to Contribute

to the INSEAD experience during and after the programme

Academic Capacity

GMAT/GRE & University degree

International Motivation

Adaptability and flexibility in multicultural environments

Leadership Potential

Work experience and quality of your achievements


Download the MBA Brochure to find out more Connect with an MBA representative to discuss your profile

Application Process


Please check our Admissions Deadlines.

If you choose to delay submission of your application until the following round of the same intake, your application form details will be saved automatically. 

Please bear in mind that if you miss all 4 rounds of a particular intake, the majority of the application content is transferred if/when you open a new application form.

To be included in a specific round, complete applications must be submitted by 23:59pm Central European Time (CET / French Time) on the day of the deadline.
Applications will not be evaluated until all supporting documents and online portions of the application are received.

Applications for both campuses are processed in Fontainebleau and in Singapore.  For any queries after submitting your application, please write to, until you receive the name of your designated Admissions Officer via e-mail.

Campus choice is not taken into account when evaluating whether to accept or decline candidates. We will strive to accommodate your campus choice, but if your preferred campus is full, you will be offered the choice of either a place on the other campus or a place on the waitlist for your preferred campus.

We regret that feedback on rejected applications will not be provided. We do not encourage applications from previously rejected candidates unless there has been a substantial change in the profile of the applicant.

Please rest assured, each application is carefully evaluated regardless of the volume of applications received.

Dates & Deadlines


While we operate a staged admissions process, with six deadlines for each of the two intakes per year, within each round, applications are reviewed on a rolling admissions process. This means that the Interview and Final Decision deadlines you see below are the latest dates by which you would receive your decision. Rest assured that releasing decisions earlier than the published deadlines does not affect our thorough application evaluation. Please note that while competition for each of the rounds is equal, the earlier you gain admission, the more time you have to secure financing and arrange logistics. The new online application form opens approximately two months before each Round 1 application deadline.

 Deadline for complete applicationInterview decision notificationFinal decision notification
ROUND 107 March 202307 April 202312 May 2023
ROUND 218 April 202319 May 202323 June 2023
ROUND 327 June 202328 July 202301 September 2023
ROUND 408 August 202308 September 202306 October 2023
 Deadline for complete applicationInterview decision notificationFinal decision notification
ROUND 112 September 202313 October 202317 November 2023
ROUND 207 November 202308 December 202312 January 2024
ROUND 316 January 202416 February 202422 March 2024
ROUND 405 March 202405 April 202410 May 2024
 Deadline for complete applicationInterview decision notificationFinal decision notification
ROUND 112 March 202412 April 202417 May 2024
ROUND 223 April 202424 May 202405 July 2024
ROUND 318 June 202419 July 202423 August 2024
ROUND 406 August 202406 September 202411 October 2024

Application Requirements


Prerequisites for admission into the INSEAD MBA programme include submitting an online application form and the required supporting documentation listed below.

Online Application

Supporting Documentation

Official Transcript

The whole application process is done via our online application system. You are able to work on different sections of the application separately. Please make sure to save all your data before logging off so you can return to work on it at a later stage.

The following supporting documents must be included in your application and received before or on the day of the application deadline. Your application will not be evaluated until all of the below items have been received in addition to the online elements. Please attach your supporting documents via the online application system.

Your transcripts should indicate both diploma and grades achieved from each college or university that you have attended. We accept transcripts in English or French. All others must be accompanied by a certified English translation. Each transcript must bear the official seal and signature of the institution.

View online application list >View supporting documentation list >View official transcript details >

Admissions Video Interview

Shortly after completing your INSEAD MBA online application, you will receive an e-mail notification from Kira Talent with a unique link to complete 4 video interviews. Your link will be also available on your dashboard within the application system.
The video should be seen as a unique opportunity for you to share your passions, your motivations and who you truly are. The MBA Admissions Committee is interested in obtaining an authentic view of you as a person, to see how you think on your feet and how you convey your ideas.
The video interviews do not replace the face-to-face interviews with Alumni.
Your application will be considered as complete and ready to be reviewed only once we have received your answers to the video interviews. Please complete your video interviews at your earliest convenience and no later than 48 hours after the deadline to which you are applying. We strongly recommend however that you complete this step before the final date to allow yourself some time to prepare for this exercise.

You must record your answers to 4 questions. Questions always vary from one applicant to another. You have 45 seconds to prepare each answer and 60 seconds to record your answer.

You can practise an unlimited number of times. The practice session has several questions available and you can do as many practice sessions as you need to feel comfortable with the video interviewing. You do not need to complete everything in one go. You can create an account and come back later.

No, the practice questions are available for you to prepare, learn and improve. You can replay them and see how you performed and/or check if the sound and image are satisfactory.

You will need an internet connection, a desktop or laptop, a camera and a microphone. You can test your devices before starting the exercise. For optimal user experience, we recommend that you use Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari or Chrome to record your Kira videos (Internet Explorer is not supported). Please note that mobile devices, smartphones and tablets are not supported in Kira at this time.

If you experience technological issues with the video (practice questions, device set up, etc.), please check the following technical support webpage You can either e-mail, phone or chat with the Kira technicians.

The unique link to the video interview is available within an hour of submitting your application. An e-mail message containing the link is sent to you by Kira Academic. The link is also available on the dashboard of the online application system.

Please complete your video interviews at your earliest convenience and no later than 48 hours after the deadline to which you are applying. We strongly recommend however that you complete this step before the final date to allow yourself some time to prepare for this exercise.

Please note the following:

  • We have a fourth admissions round to allow us to better manage the influx of incoming applications and provide additional flexibility to our applicants.
  • If you choose to delay submission of your application until the following round of the same intake, your application form details will be saved automatically. Note that access to your form will be temporarily disabled at 23:59pm (Central European Time) on the day of the deadline, as the system will shut down for about four days. Access to your form will resume once the temporary shut down period ends, so you can continue editing it.
  • Please bear in mind that if you miss all four rounds of a particular intake, your application form and its entire contents will expire. At this point, you will be required to complete a new application from scratch, for the next intake.
  • To be included in a specific round, applications must be complete and submitted by 23:59pm French time on the day of the deadline.
  • To enjoy an optimum application experience and to avoid the peak period, we strongly encourage you to apply a couple of weeks prior to the application deadline if possible.
  • Competition for each round is equal regardless of the intake or round you apply for. We review the pool of applications submitted within each round independently, keeping the “offer ratio” (percentage of candidates accepted vs. applications received) fairly constant across all rounds. By “Class” we are referring to the entire population of students beginning the INSEAD MBA programme at the same time (regardless of campus location).


Admissions Policies



 If English is your native language: If English is your native language, you have to demonstrate at least a practical knowledge of a second language as soon as possible by passing one of our accepted language tests for your chosen second language.

If you are a non-native English speakerIf you are a non-native English speaker, your native language will fulfil the second language requirement (no test required). However, you will need to submit proof of your English proficiency.


In addition to English and your second or native language, all students will need to demonstrate at least a basic knowledge of a third language in order to graduate. If you already possess basic knowledge of a third language, we recommend you certify this language as soon as possible or during Launch Week on campus. If you need to learn a third language, you can do so during the programme and pass the language test before graduation. Language instruction is available on both campuses.


  • GMAT and GRE scores are valid for 5 years prior to application deadline.
  • English language certifications are valid for 2 years prior to application deadline.
  • No Admissions decision will be released without receipt of the official scores sent by GMAT or GRE.

In general we do not grant deferrals. You should apply for the intake in which you intend to enroll.

Due to the large number of applications we receive for each intake and the confidentiality of the deliberations of the Admissions Committee, we are unable to provide individual detailed feedback on rejected applications.

When completing the online application form, you will be asked to select your home campus preference; if you choose the value “Both campuses”, this choice means that you are totally indifferent about starting your INSEAD MBA on either of our campuses. Please note that home campus choice does not influence final admissions decisions, as it is not taken into account when your file is presented to the Admissions Committee. Therefore, you do not have a higher chance of being accepted by selecting "both campuses" in your application form. However, once we have allocated you a campus upon admission, it is very difficult to change. INSEAD will endeavour to accommodate your choice of home campus but if you have the slightest preference for one campus or the other, you should select that choice before submitting your application form. Whilst we will strive to accommodate your campus choice, if your preferred campus is full, you will be offered the choice of either a place on the alternative campus or a place on the wait list for your preferred campus.

Unsuccessful applicants may reapply for a later intake. Please exercise your own judgement in deciding if you have any significant changes in your new profile since your first application that will make a difference with the Admissions Committee. All re-applicants are requested to submit a new online application, unless otherwise indicated.


Discover the MBA Programme


Download our brochure for more information on our MBA.

  • Benefits of the INSEAD MBA
  • Admissions Criteria and Class Profile
  • MBA Curriculum
  • Personal Leadership Development Programme
  • Career Development
  • Application Dates & Fees

Download the MBA Brochure

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INSEAD does not have an absolute requirement for years of work experience, although at least two years is strongly encouraged. Participants in our current class have an average of 5.5 years work experience, with the range being between two and ten. However, applicants with less experience who demonstrate exceptional maturity and outstanding leadership through their professional and personal experiences will also be considered.

There is no typical profile at INSEAD. We have an extremely diverse student body in terms of age, professional experience, education and culture. Check the latest class profile.

Your campus selection has no impact on the admissions decision. In fact, the Admissions Committee, which makes all final admission decisions, does not have access to information about candidates' campus preferences.

There is no age limit for entry. However, the MBA is aimed at those who are at an early stage in their career. INSEAD participants in the current class have a range of between two and ten years of post-graduate work experience. If you have more than ten years of work experience, we encourage you to consider one of INSEAD's Executive MBA Programmes, where you will have the opportunity to learn with a more experienced and mature peer group.

Can I Apply Without a GMAT, GRE, or TOEFL?

For INSEAD Master Programmes, if you submit your application without a test, it will remain incomplete and will not be reviewed until we receive your test results.

GMAT Online Exam

Candidates have the option to take the GMAT exam online or at a test center. The GMAT online exam is available in most locations, with the exception of: Mainland China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Sudan due to regulatory and local data privacy rules.

For more information about the GMAT Online exam, including registration instructions, please visit the GMAC website.

GRE at Home

GRE Test at Home can now be taken anywhere in the world with the exception of Mainland China and Iran.

To register for at-home testing, please visit the GRE website.

TOEFL at Home

ETS is offering the TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition test. To register for at-home testing, please visit the TOEFL website.

TOEFL has also launched an exclusive testing solution for Mainland China with registrations opening 15 May 2020.

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