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Learn to lead change effectively

In today’s dynamic environment, leading successful change is no longer a managerial luxury but a critical necessity. It can be said that if someone cannot lead change successfully, they cannot lead. Yet the frightening truth is that up to 70% of change initiatives fail.

Leading Successful Change is a three-day programme designed to help you execute change more effectively in your organisation. You will learn about frameworks and tools that you can apply to lead change effectively; analyse different types of change – crisis, reactionary, anticipatory – and their different dynamics; and examine peoples’ attitudes towards change – from early adopters to hard-core resistors.

This programme is also designed to help you analyse different sources of resistance and look at how to create change strategies that factor in the different, non-linear dynamics of a change process over time. Specifically, the programme helps you to enhance your skills in the area of understanding peoples’ motivations, creating and sustaining a positive momentum for change and building broad networks of support.

How you benefit

  • Create the foundation for change: Enhance your understanding of the change process.
  • Build your toolbox: Learn about the skills required to initiate and execute change.
  • Roadmaps for organisational change: Create a detailed action plan related to your specific change initiative.

Participant profile

This programme will benefit executives in the position of leading strategic change initiatives in their organisations, who are typically in middle to upper-middle management with at least eight years’ experience and responsible for teams, units or larger business divisions.

While individual participants are welcome, applications are encouraged from several (up to three) managers within the same organisation, who are current or potential members of a change-implementation team.


This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

Come with a change initiative


What are change initiatives?

Change initiatives are usually plans and actions aiming at implementing a transforming process in an organisation that could result in a change of the culture, communication, human resource, logistics, and etc. Change initiatives come from all geographies, industries and even career levels, so it’s hard to generalise.

Common examples of challenges

  • Creating a company-wide culture of customer focus or digitalising product or service
  • Setting up a new system in an overseas subsidiary – with a lot of push-back from local employees
  • Adopting a new organisational solution and making sure it's fully implemented
  • Motivating employees to accept changes in a continuously changing business nature
  • Facing the changes in employment/process/system due to taking over new markets or companies or being acquired by others.

Why are they important in this programme?

Having change initiatives throughout the programme is extremely important if one is considering this programme. It allows participants to contribute their unique experiences, personalise the tools to their own situation in Change Pro Simulation and make an impact when they leave. By the end, they all have a clear set of priorities and are ready to create an action plan that can be used immediately upon their return at work.

Therefore, it is necessary for applicants to have at least one change initiative, which allows them to successfully enrol in the programme.

Hear what participants say about the Leading Successful Change programme

Which Leadership programme is for you?


INSEAD's variety of Leadership programmes help you to develop new skills and self-awareness to influence and inspire those around you. And in today's increasingly international business environment, you also need to adapt your skills and self-awareness to lead across cultures and borders. View the At a Glance grid below to find out which Leadership programme best matches your needs.

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