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Strategic Marketing for Shareholder and Stakeholder Value 

Marketing is much more than advertising and communication. Marketing is the essential strategic activity to generate shareholder value from understanding and addressing differences between customers. How do you do that sustainably in a rapidly changing, uncertain digital world where technology has altered 
customer behaviour and empowers disruptive and cheaper competitors, and where addressing stakeholders from different parts of society is essential for your long-term success? 

The Strategic Marketing Programme is a five-day intensive course that will sharpen your strategic marketing capabilities and help you position your brand/company to gain a competitive edge in ever-changing, challenging markets so that you can make a bigger impact on your organisation. The programme also addresses how you can leverage data and digital to provide the foundation for new efficiencies, more informed decisions, and elevated organisational agility – all critical requisites for anticipating and meeting customer needs as they unfold.

Throughout the programme, you will work on your own marketing plan with frameworks personalised to your role and receive constructive peer and faculty feedback. You will be able to apply these impactful takeaways into your strategy upon return to the office.

How you benefit

  • Appreciate the strategic nature and importance of the marketing process and learn how to create a marketing plan using customer insights and competitor analysis, including segmentation, targeting, and positioning
  • Develop a brand strategy and positioning, leading to the creation and management of communication, pricing and distribution strategies, including a focus on digital.
  • Acquire strategic skills through rigorous teaching and well-structured frameworks to adapt and be resilient in the changing landscape.


Participant profile

The Strategic Marketing Programme is designed for:

  • Executives and senior managers from all business areas who are interested in learning more about the essential strategic role of marketing in order to effectively integrate and leverage it with their business functions.
  • Experienced marketing professionals who are seeking to build an agile marketing structure with the capabilities needed to deliver results.
  • Specialists new to marketing or about to take up marketing responsibilities, or whose role interacts with the marketing function.


This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

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