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Innovation in the Age
of Disruption

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Learn to innovate in a disruptive, uncertain world

As the world becomes more dynamic, driven in part by digital disruption, individuals and organisations need to reinvent themselves using innovation to discover new sources of growth and solve old problems. The good news is that innovation has become a capability, like any other capability such as marketing or finance. Although there is an element of chance in everything, especially innovation, over the last two decades research has uncovered the repeatable behaviours, processes, and structures that increase our probability of success in doing new things. This innovation capability is fundamental to the success of many endeavors: creating value from a new idea or an existing asset, delivering policies and programmes that positively impact those we lead, re-seeing old problems, discovering the best path forward with digital, and leading transformation. Innovation in the Age of Disruption will help you unpack and apply this new science of innovation. 

At the heart of the programme are three critical areas to successfully innovate: people, process and philosophy. People focuses on the research-backed behaviours that you can practice, and coach in your team, to help you see the world in new ways and discover new opportunities. Process addresses the latest tools for testing new ideas using rapid experimentation techniques to deeply understand customer needs, prototype solutions, and innovate on business models. Philosophy describes the broad set of things to adapt your organisation and habits to make room for innovation. Drawing upon case studies of over 400 businesses across industries and contexts you will explore the 'how' of using these tools to develop the innovation capability of your team. This work draws on the latest research in domains like ideation, creativity, lean start-up, design thinking, agile, business model innovation, and dynamic strategy to develop a single, end-to-end framework for generating and testing innovation ideas. Said differently, the programme looks at how you go about nuturing ideas, test ideas, win support for ideas, make room for ideas in an organisation, and develop the courage to pursue ideas.

How you benefit

  • Build personal innovation leadership behaviors to develop new ideas and how to improve them
  • Apply Innovation process tools derived from lean start-up, design thinking, and related frameworks to respond in a more agile manner
  • Develop leadership perspective to transform into an agile and innovative organisation
  • Cultivate the “uncertainty ability” at the heart of doing new things and leading through change and crisis

Participant profile

Innovation in the Age of Disruption is designed for:

  • Professionals who want to build their capabilities to innovate, and translate these skills into a competitive advantage for their organisation
  • Executives who are impacted by digital disruption
  • Leaders who want to help their organisation become agile, transforming it into a vehicle of innovation


This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Online Certificate: Leading in a Transforming World.

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Through outstanding design and delivery, INSEAD’s online programmes build upon our world-class faculty’s ability to convey very complex concepts in the simplest yet most comprehensible way.

  • Content designed specifically for the online format, including short high-impact videos
  • Professional, television-quality filming in INSEAD amphitheatres with actual participants
  • Use of relevant and engaging examples and short case studies from a wide range of industries

Through a rich set of interactive elements, we build a community of faculty, learning coaches and diverse, high-quality global executives who learn together as a group - one of INSEAD’s strengths.

  • A mobile-friendly learning platform built to maximise interaction and engagement
  • Faculty answering questions during the programme via live calls and just-in-time videos
  • A learning coach guides participants through the programme at each step, simulating content discussions and helping them with their learning.
Action-Learning Projects are a core element of the online programmes designed to increase business impact. 
  • The guided ‘real-world assignments’ feature of the programmes encourages participants to take newly acquired skills and apply them within the context of their actual job and organisation. 
  • The projects are closely aligned with the learning in the programme and benefit from the learning community, with feedback from the learning coach and from peer review.

Upon successful completion of all programme activities, combined with satisfactory grades on the final assignment, participants are awarded with an official Certificate of Completion from INSEAD, which they can also showcase on their LinkedIn profile. The top performers will receive a Certificate with Distinction.

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