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Negotiation Fundamentals

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Build the foundations to become an expert negotiator

On-demand programme

Negotiation underpins every aspect of human life. Our ability to collaborate around shared interest or to compete when necessary, to secure goals, experience belonging or to drive change – all of this is contingent on our ability to negotiate with other people, both in our personal and professional lives. Negotiation is the one skill that, if improved, can greatly help us navigate our interconnected human condition away from failure and towards success.

Negotiation Fundamentals is an introduction to the full negotiation learning path offered by INSEAD Executive Education. The tools and ideas taught are all evidence-based and practice-tested, covering the key negotiation concepts and skills, giving you the grounding to start becoming a sophisticated negotiator.

Integrating evidence based concepts and frameworks, Negotiation Fundamentals offers both the theoretical, cognitive and strategic dimensions of negotiation and the actionable takeaways that will help you translate theory into real-world practice.

You explore the what of negotiation: how it works in theory, where to focus and what you need to prepare to be a successful negotiator.

And you experience the how: how to listen, how to manage emotions, how to use questions to reduce conflict and build understanding ,and how to advocate for your objectives in a way that reduces resistance and drives better outcomes.

Negotiation Fundamentals accelerates your ability to determine what matters (and what doesn’t), what works (and what doesn’t) and in which contexts; and to identify and deploy the strategies that will enhance your negotiating behaviours and outcomes, and those of other people.

How you benefit

  • Master the essentials of evidence-based negotiation frameworks with practical application
  • Build your self-awareness as a negotiator to customise your approach and fully leverage your strengths
  • Develop the core negotiation skills every negotiator should have, but few actually do
  • Practice your new skills with a self-assigned role play partner
  • Kick start your journey to a Certificate in Negotiation with INSEAD Executive Education.

Participant profile

  • Professionals who want to master the fundamentals of negotiations and build a strong foundation, to complement further studies on the subject
  • Executives who want to increase emotional intelligence, decision-making, and leadership skills
  • Leaders looking to enhance personal collaboration, assertiveness, persuasion, empathy, as well as their ability to get things done with and through other people
  • Particularly suitable for those working in sales or procurement, individuals or teams dealing with high value deals, including financial transactions, partnerships or government.
  • Participants who wish to complete an official Certificate in Negotiation with INSEAD.


INSEAD Online Certificate in Negotiation




Build the foundations to become an expert negotiator

Length: 6-8 hours



Become a more strategic negotiator

Length: 5 weeks


Gain expertise in specific negotiation scenarios

Length: 4 weeks


Become certified by INSEAD

Participants are strongly recommended to complete Negotiation Fundamentals before completing Strategic Negotiations and Advanced Negotiations.

INSEAD Advanced Certificate in Negotiation




Build the foundations to become an expert negotiator


Become a more effective negotiator


Gain expertise in specific negotiation scenarios


Become certified by INSEAD

Participants are required to complete the programmes in the above sequence. 

On-demand Webinar
Discover the Art & Science of Negotiation with INSEAD


What are the attributes of a good negotiator? The ability to create value, innovate, build strong and meaningful relationships, have a sense of purpose, and enjoy the process along the way. While the art of negotiation is neither obvious nor easy, it can be taught.

Negotiation is a foundational skill that permeates several aspects of our lives, and yet most negotiators overly rely on experience, intuition, or a hand-full of tricks. Scientifically, negotiation has blossomed as a field in the last 40 years. From beginners to experts, every negotiator has blind spots and shortcomings, and everyone can become a better negotiator with the right amount and proper training.

Moderated by Laura Smith, Product Marketing Manager, and Programme Directors Horacio Falcao and Roderick Swaab, register for this one hour webinar during which they will discuss the art of negotiation and delve into the New INSEAD Certificates in Negotiation – the pathways to becoming an expert negotiator!

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