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We are pleased to invite you to attend the Developing Leaders in Global Banking programme, jointly developed between INSEAD and the Inter-Alpha member banks. The key objective of the programme is to develop the managerial skills of high potential bankers.

In every country, bank executives have to cope with the legacy of the economic crisis and the rapid transformation of their industry: worldwide integration, Basel III regulations, the European single supervisory mechanism, digital banking, new fintech competitors, and the blurring of frontiers between banking, insurance and capital markets combined with an increased scarcity of key resources: capital, liquidity and talents. Moreover, institutional shareholders require two-digit return on equity and growth in earnings when capital adequacy and liquidity rules are made much more stringent.

To foster motivation and long-term value creation, banks are increasingly decentralised, and are in need of executives who are highly qualified managers as well as bankers. The INSEAD Inter-Alpha programme has been developed with this context in mind. It provides a unique opportunity for participants to exchange views and benefit from the experience of bankers from all over the world.

The programme draws on research undertaken at INSEAD on the international financial services sector. This programme has allowed the promotion of high quality research, conferences and workshops, the development of new teaching material, bank simulations and the creation of leading-edge expertise in the management of banks. Over the years, INSEAD has become one of the few business schools with specific expertise in the banking sector. In addition to meting the INSEAD faculty, the participants will have the opportunity to share ideas with senior executives from other banks who will come to address specific issues in Fontainebleau.

How you benefit

  • Lead and manage change — Lead people and facilitate management of change
  • Gain a deep overview of value creation and strategic management — Understand strategic management and value creation in international banking
  • Create and nurture strong customer relationships — Develop new ideas to reach clients with new technology and deepen your customer relationships
  • Gain insights from other industries and apply the learning — Draw lessons from other service industries to develop cost-efficient and reliable delivery processes
  • Learn from the global crisis and its long-term effects — Draw lessons from the global crisis relating to liquidity risks, fund transfer pricing and the future of capital and liquidity regulations
  • Deepen your learning with the aid of a simulation — Practise, with the help of a simulation, your skills in asset and liability management

Participant Profile

Developing Leaders in Global Banking is specifically designed for high potential bankers responsible for profit centres in retail, corporate and capital markets.

It welcomes participants from the InterAlpha Association of European Banks (AIB, Commerzbank, National Bank of Greece, Nordea, Santander, Société Générale), as well as banks from Asia such as MayBank.

Participants will have around fifteen years of working experience, be managers of large branches, in charge of corporate relations, heads of capital markets or asset management units at domestic or international level, or executives in charge of operations, audit, ALM, legal and administrative matters.


This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

About the Inter-Alpha Group of Banks


Inter-Alpha is a group of Banks that are recognised as leaders in their home markets that meets regularly to promote 'excellence in banking'.

It is a forum used to build effective business relationships, promote expert group communities and educational activity.

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