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Transform your organisation, your world, your self

Today, leaders must operate in a world characterised by greater uncertainty about the future, a trust deficit and opposing economic patterns – constituted by static and worrisome trends in the established economies and dynamic trends in the emerging economies.

This challenging environment notwithstanding, senior leaders are responsible for the performance and health of their organisations – especially in terms of developing and deepening talent and their own learning, reflection and growth. Further, leaders at the top of organisations must be able to distinguish and grapple with both challenges that require changes in technology and those that require changes in behaviour.

AVIRA: Awareness, Vision, Imagination, Role, Action is a unique invitation to set aside the urgent to consider the important. It provides a forum for you to learn, reflect and grow. Facilitated by experienced session leaders, you will explore and discuss the characteristics of effective top executives and high-performance organisations. You will widen your international network of colleagues. Reflecting the motto of 'little teaching, lots of learning', the spirit and format of AVIRA is peer-led.

How you benefit

  • Discuss and understand where the world is coming from, where it seems headed and what the implications might be for your leadership and organisation.
  • Appreciate and learn the habits of effective leaders and the practices of high-performance organisations.
  • Reflect on your organisation's performance, your role and your influence – and depart with a concrete personal action plan for you to lead and deliver more effectively.
  • Hone your judgement and fine-tune your decision instincts.


Participant profile

This programme is designed for top executives who hold significant responsibility and who are grappling with dilemmas of organisational and personal transformation. Typical participants include CEOs, managing directors, C-suite executives, executive vice-presidents, board members and chairpersons.

They will typically have at least 15 years of senior professionanal experience. 



This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

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